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Buy mdma powder 10g


mdma powder 10g

Buy MDMA Powder Online Without Prescription. Order MDMA Powder
(3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine) Online.MDMA Powder (3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine) is a synthetic drug that alters mood and perception (awareness of surrounding objects and conditions).


MDMA powder  can be a very dangerous drug, short term and long term. Although the effects are intense happiness, due to a dramatic serotonin increase, the long term effects can be just as dramatic.

Cortisol is a stress hormone, which brings death to the body, due to being instrumental in creating dis-ease (disease). When ingesting MDMA, cortisol increases by a dramatic 800% in dancer clubbers, which can lead to major adrenal issues, including cushings syndrome. The serotonin release lasts for about four hours and helps people feel more intimate with others & heightened perception of lights and colours. MDMA will disrupt the brains serotonin, and serotonin is responsible for:

  • memory
  • anxiety
  • sleep
  • appetite
  • aggression
  • sexuality

It is classified as an empathogen, and there are over 19million MDMA users internationally. Ecstasy is both a amphetamine, it is both a stimulant and an hallucinogin, like LSD. So it has the same effects in the same molecule. It causes people to embrace themselves and creates intimacy, it gives them a powerful emotional connection with another. People use it because it allows people to connect with each other. Studies have found that users are not as perceptive of other peoples negative facial expressions, it also actively applies positive attributes to people they meet. Dopamine is also effected, which makes you feel motivated to move, to act, which is why a lot of MDMA users dance a lot and emphasises the pre frontal cortex, which makes them give attention to one particular task, often repetitively, which is why they can dance in the same way, for hours. It makes it easier for them to focus on music, as an example.  So they can interpret music in new and interesting ways. the danger is not being able to stop moving, due to exhaustion from dehydration, as they can’t stop sweating. Hyperthermia can be developed, due to the body not being able to regulate itself, due to the serotonin overload, as their natural thermostat can not be regulated (which the hypothalamus supports). As a body temperate increase, the proteins in the liver can lock together and the cells can stop working and the organs can shut down, resulting in death, or vegetation. I tales makes them conserve more water than usual, which can be a danger as blood can contain too much water, which effects the brain, as the brain swells and becomes too close to the skull,  which effects the spinal colum resulting in death.


Neuro adrenaline is also released, making the muscle retract and the pupil dilate, practically no iris. They also clench the jaw. Joints can start getting sore, long term, and increased aging. Frequent use of the drug, so it means that you need more MDMA to get the high feeling,a s it takes the brain longer to build up the serotonin. So the loved up feelings, start to create depression. Low levels of depression in the brain, can cause serious Mental health problems, like panic attacks and depression. Long term users start to have psychosis, hallucinations, anxiety attacks and a distorted view on reality.

There are some doctors/psychologists who are trying to use it to treat depression, PTSD and stress. Some doctors want to use for cancer patients with anxiety. For cancer patients for couples, fear response is decreased due to emotional threats, so it is easier for couples in difficult situations to talk openly. Other people use it to heal their grief. War Veterans are also being given it for PTSD [under supervision].


MDMA makes people feel more honest, friendly & empathetic. The problem is that if this drug is utilised in the way that it is, primarily as a party drug, without any of the issues within the mind healed e.g. insecurity, lacking empathy and honesty, then like all drugs, it will continue to be utilised as a way to escape problems, experiencing often the negative mental and physical repercussions of the drug which directly messes with the hormones of the body (which effects the harmony of the body aka our health), namely the serotonin levels, which is what we all need, to feel happy. As a FasterEFT Practitioner, my job is to change the memories in your past, where you have felt inadequate, anxious and not being able to connect with yourself and others. If we all connected with our whole Being in a empathetic, loving way, drug’s would not be required. The Human Problems by and large, have been a long journey, but now, there is a way to quickly forgive ourselves and our inner demons, namely our feelings of lack and not feeling


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