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Slimming chinese Herbal Tea


  • Quick description
    Type: slimming tea
    Age category: Adults
    Kind: Unisex
    Device: Low Fat, Low Salt, Non-Nicotine, Sugar Free
    Packaging: Box
    Certification: GMP
    Point of origin: Beijing, China
    Slimming tea: 6-11 pounds per month, 6-11 pounds per month
    Weight reduction: 3-5 kg ​​per month
    Control weight: Weightloss
    Reduce weight: Rapid weight loss
    Tea diet: 6-11 pounds per month
    Healthy tea: 100% natural
    Herbal tea: 100% natural herbs,


Q: when is the best time to drink slimming tea?

A: after a full meal, especially one hour after breakfast or after supper. Soak 1-2 tea bags with boiling water. Drink hot, no sugar, no milk, no juice.


Q: Why will I experience mild abdominal pain after taking the tea?

A: our slimming tea will improve gastrointestinal function, promote movement of the intestines, break down fat and prevent fat absorption. Few people can experience a slight stomach ache when the bowel movement expels defecation. This phenomenon will disappear after washing.

Incorrect use will cause mild abdominal pain, please reduce the dosage and do not soak the tea repeatedly. And we suggest not to take unripe and cold food and drink an hour after taking the tea.


Q: why can’t I lose weight after taking slimming tea for 2 days?

A: it’s unfair! I have been reading books continuously for the past two days but have still not received a letter of admission from a university.

Whoopee, just a joke, but something like that, you can only get a good effect if you keep doing it. The same is true for weight loss. We’re not going to get fat in a day, so we shouldn’t expect to be slim in a very short time. It really is, but it sounds cruel. So please continue to take slimming tea, control the diet and do proper exercise, then you can be slim and healthy. But we don’t think skinny beauty is good. We suggest that you stop taking the slimming tea when you reach the ideal weight. Health is the most beautiful!


Q: I am pregnant, can I take slimming tea?

A: this slimming tea should not be taken by pregnant women and nursing mothers, and women during menstrual period.


Q: I have high blood pressure and diabetics, can I take slimming tea?


A: Please ask your doctor for advice. Thank you.

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15 grams, 20 grams, 50 grams


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